Monday, August 4, 2008

ESD Training ... I am thinking

I have been a little late to my training this morning. The training was supposed to start at 9.00 sharp but i got up at 9.20am. I did not brush my teeth and rush to the Vistana Hotel for my first ESD training. It was a rushing day and i have to be honest i reach the hotel at 9.40am.

As soon as i reach the hotel "Mat Salleh" an elderly American was giving his speech making me so uncomfortable to walk pass the hallway. "Malu betul......"

The training started at 9.00am and ended at 6.30pm. It was a tiring day and i have to say the ESD notes is very good and detailed written. The training cost was RM 500 ++ per person. Damn... they are charging RM 500++ per student and there is an average of 40 students in the class.

Can you do the math how much the training center in owning per day
RM 500 x 40 = RM 20 000 per day

Are you impress ? if you are not... tell me how much do you need to earn RM 20 000


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