Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Edunovice Home Tutor into Ebooks Concept better than Wikipedia

Yesterday, took me several hours to think of a way to enhance the power of edunovice. Edunovice is currently distributing notes to students and providing them the opportunity to print for personal usage. If we compared to wikipedia... edunovice has a an added value because we provide options to our students/tutors to download and make it convinient for them to bring the notes to school. At the same time edunovice has a negative value because students and teachers are unable to do quick reference through HTML format

Edunovice is the top solution providing UPSR,PMR and SPM Math and Phsysics notes for Free to tall students. Our motto revolves bringing the best to our students and changing educational learning to easy and convinient way.

Actually, Edunovice is looking at some ways to provide online viewing. This can be done using the Ebook for HTML format which allow online viewing. This is nothing special....and it helps student to go for fast or quick reference. It is really time saving when we implement online reading and it helps students to find what they want.

Download Notes
- To download and read as reference notes
- To compare and compile into books
- Easy to read since we can hold it like a book

Online Reading
- Fast referencing by keyword
- Quick search for important facts
- Save time by doing online browsing

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