Sunday, July 27, 2008

SPM Physics .......Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

One of the toughest subject in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia is Physics. I have to say this is the most fearful subject for all science students. Why is physics so tough ? The question really lies in the the understanding and maturity of the students. Solving Physics is not merely calculation but the concept behind the calculation.

List of areas which are really challenging
a) Waves especially propagation of waves
b) Light Optics which includes mirror and lenses
c) Archimedes Principle
d) Barometer and Manometer

The toughest section is the understanding of waves propagation

Light and Optics
Students cant seems to understand the property of mirror and lenses and how the ray light travel when passing through the lenses

Archimedes Principle
Buoyant Force is has been really tough for any SPM students

Barometer and Manometer
This is really another problems as students do no understand how to derive equation to calculate the gas pressure.

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