Monday, July 21, 2008

Nelson (Franchise)

Have you guys ever come across this 'brand' ? Nelson has been into the food business for many years. The company has been serving sweet corn in the cup. You guys might come across this company if you are a frequent shopper in Tesco or Carrefour.

I gave a call to Ester (Nelson Northern franchise agent) today, I wanted to inquire a license for a spot in Jusco Bukit Mertajam. I am kind of disappointed with Ester as the nice spot in Jusco has been booked. She suggested a place in Tune Hotel but the location is not good and traffic is too low on certain years. The franchise fees is around RM 46k for every five years and the break even point for this kind of business is RM 12k minimum. I calculated the Sales value of 12k but the Net profit for Nelson is 50% will yield RM 6 K per month. Too low unless you have a stall in big mall where the traffic will help in generating more sales value.

Who are Nelson's Competitors
Individual Entrepreneur

Yeap.... looks like the good spot has been taken. Hope to get my hands on this product if i see a good opportunity. Still looking for a franchise business ...heheheh....