Tuesday, July 22, 2008

House of Maze

Once a while you come across the crazy Americans shaping his corn yard.

Taken from www.yahoo.com

If you're looking to plan a vacation sometime in September or October, might I suggest Schultz's Country Barn in Wisconsin? I mean, you could go somewhere where you don't need a parka and a ski mask, but ask yourself this: Where else can you pay tribute to Brett Favre and corn at the same time?

Of course, the people at the Schultz Country Barn put this plan in motion before any of the current "Waaah, I can't make a decision" controversy came into existence. Not nearly as many Wisconsiners are eager to thank Brett Favre now, but fortunately, the Schultz people left room to carve, "FOR STABBING US IN THE BACK, EGOMANIAC" under the "THANKS."