Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Edunovice Home Tutor : Malaysia Home Tutor

Today there are many home tutor agencies in Malaysia. A lot of working adults are looking forward into providing Home Tutors to weak students. As the emergence of home tutors become prominient, edunovice.com has made its way to provide one of the best feature which surpass other home tutor agenies. It is not all about providing home tutors to parents but also the services such as follow ups and 'Results'. Edunovice Home tutors is also responsible to provide quality study materials thorough online registration for free of charge. It is all FREE OF CHARGE for students to download PHYSIC and Maths Notes. Besides expsosing the teacher into home tutoring, Edunovice also involve teachers in authoring, editorial and proof reading projects. All are aimed to provide more exposure to the teachers.

Why Edunovice Home Tutor is different
- Free Online Notes to students
- Cheaper book discount
- Selling affordable books for price of RM 3- RM 50 depending pa ckage
- Access to Exam papers All over Malaysia UPSR, PMR and SPM

What Subjects are offered to the students
- English, Bahasa Melayu, Math, Physics, Add Math, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History,

Method of Teaching
- Direct Approach : Following the School Text Books
- Creative Approach : For slow students using story books and animated videos
- Critical Approach : Very exam orientated

Covering : Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak(Ipoh and Taiping)

Total Number of Teachers : 150 ++
Total Number of Projects assigned to teachers : 50 ++ projects