Monday, June 30, 2008

When you try so hard... but still fail

Have you guys been in the situation where you try so hard yet ended up with failure. It is really sad..when all dreams shattered. It happens to a friend of mine, his dream is all about education believing that it will be a BOOM in the 21st century. Being so optimistic he invested tons of $$ into Webucation or E learning. Striving to fight for success, he confronted many venture capitalist, politicians and even the press for a road to success. I have never realized that starting a business is so tough since I seldom witness the bitterness of business life when every things glitters in front of us. I am so happy to have such a friend and do learn a lot each time we met online. It is true that every success comes from a thousand failures and to be successful, my friend has to swallow bitterness not a cup but a barrel of hard taste bitterness. He use to tell me "I need to break this... it must break", at first i thought why such a rush? but later i understand that time is flying by so fast in a blink of an eye. I do wish that he managed to stand on and swallow bitterness before he savor success. Life is just like a flower: It takes weeks and months to care for the plant since nusery but once it is fully mature, the beauty of a flower is unimaginable. So every beautiful flower has its bitter past just like us 'human'