Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deperate for Additional Income

Have you been into a stage where you decided to quit your job and commit your life for a business. If you desperately answer YES, please take a deep breath and ask yourself the same question again.

Do you understand the difference between a business and self employed?

If you would quit your job and decided to do "Char Koay Teow" yet earning RM 15K per month, this is actually a self employed. Most of us or most Malaysian are more likely to quit job and venture into self employed. Eventually they do get pretty with their income. But.... wait.... what is the difference between a self employed and a Businessman ??

If you are self employed, the sad part is you have to work all day long because your hours is equal to your income. So meaning, you earn according to the number of hours you work. if you happen to get sick you will not be earning on that day. Lookingggggggggggggg back to the employement world, it has the similar structure compared to self employed. In the employment world, you tend to treat your boss like your customer and are force to do things above your expectation. You cannot say NO because in the employment world your boss is your ONLY customer whichg means you have to be extra careful. It is just the same a a char koay teow person selling a plate of fried koay teow to a single customer.

personally there is not much of a difference between self employed compared to a employed worker. Maybe..... a self employed worker do not need to look at the boss's face since he is the boss of the business. But the positive side of the employed worker is you will get paid even when you are sick !!!!!!!!!

So how do you move from self employed to Businessman? Simple, learn the power of leveraging. Even in self business once you started to hire your worker.. you are changing your self employed into a business... you take more risk but you get less responsibility. Accountability is still the same because it is your business and you have to be accountable or liable for the performance of the company.... but your responsility will be leverage by others. As business grow, a business man will look for expansion and normally they will resort to power of leveraging again. It is time we look business in a different perspective. Thing big aim big.

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