Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wikipedia is a Debate for ripping off Writers

Wikipedia finally announce to soon made profit from the voluntaraily written and edited online encyclopedia website. This is going to be the first time a BIG PUBLISHER made plans to sell articles from voluntarily written and editted articles.
German Publisher Bertelsmann announce plans to publish the first book (print edition of wikipedia) "The One Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia".The book will go on sale this coming September for 19.95 euros. Apparently it is legal for publication company to print the material on the site since it is free as long as you cite wikipedia as the source. In addition, the German publication company will be paying one euro for ever copy sold. The question now is what about the writters? Are they going to get paid for their time and effort? It is not easy to come out with intelligent materials and if the authors whold know this would happen, we are pretty sure that they would not be participating in writing for wikipedia.
Although the law never states that it is illegal to published print materials on wikipedia, lets face the fact that the authors and editors are being rip off BIG TIME....
All those craps about giving and harnessing the knowlege and abusing authors and editors trusts really sucks. I hope everyone would protest using mi