Thursday, May 8, 2008

Smart Monkey - Super talented

This is what we called super talented. looking at the monkey reminds me of Mat Rempit. Penang used to be infestted by Mat Rempit and today the activity is getitng less. Most of the Mat Rempit hang out at around 12-4am which makes a lot of workaholic being fearful when returning home from work. The was once, i went to the cybercafe and came home at 3.30am, while on the way home , i was stunned to see tons of ppl gathering near the traffic light at Tanjong Bunga watching illegal racers. While awaiting at the traffic lights, saw few motorbikes front and side of my car waiting for th red light to turn gree. As soon as the lights flips it color, the Mat Rempit sped off and showing they cool stun by lifting up the bike to impress the crowd. Was very scared that time.

hmmmmm...if my memory serve me correct, i think i saw once a Mat Rempit push and kick the policeman road block. No one was injured.... Thanks