Thursday, May 8, 2008

Siti Fatimah a declaration that she was no longer a Muslim

..... Finally Siti Fatimah is no longer a muslim. Siti Fatimah converted into islam in July 1998 for the sake of marriage. Her real name is Tan Ean Huang. According to the news from thestar, this girl did not anyhow practice islamic teaching and prayed to dieties. The funny thing was, she did mention that she is praying to Kuan Yin and Thi Kong which really makes me puzzle. The girl even went to temples and ate pork... hahahah...daring girl...

Religion is base on believe and faith, Siti Fatimah was not even a believer in the first place. Sometimes is hard to critics who is right and wrong unless you are in her shoes. In the case of Siti Fatimah, the court rule that Siti can renounce her religion since she was not even practicing the islamic teaching. This is the first time someone could renounce islam in Malaysia.

I still wonder why they called her "murtad"? kind of hurting when thinking about it because it is as if she made a very nasty and wrong thing renouncing her religion.

Whose fault was behind Siti Fatimah failed to embrace islam wholly?
I guess the fault lies in Siti herself because she converted for a wrong reason. Anyway Love is blind.