Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Searh for A Star" ~~~ Net Competition has been really active in promoting new born star. Due to large video collection from the internet, it is getting really tough spotting real star within the youtube directory. The number of video posting from various singers are starting to make huge impact to the music industry, This competition is meant to search for new born star within youtube. The competition will be like "treasure hunt or star search" whereby you need to find the star within haystack of video collection in youtube.

How to win the Cash
1) Winner of the competition will be the person who managed to find video where it has the
higest views.
2) The total views must be at minimum of 2500 views
3) Please include the URL of the video and send to
4) Same video/same songs with different URL is still valid for competition.
5) Winner will be awarded with RM 50
6) Competition ends at 30th May 2008
7) Only forum member from Malaysians are allowed to participate
8) Send the URL for the video information to

keep checking respective forums or for latest information.