Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life as Tower Defense

Have you heard of Tower Defense. It is a game where you need to protect your base from being attack by creatures spawning from the main source. In some part of my life, i felt there is a similarity between practical life to Tower Defense. From the first day we learn to say "mama ....dada" till we graduated and start working, life is a constant struggle. We hardly have time for ourselves. The scenario of life revolves around hardship and intelligence. We study hard to get good grades and we work too hard to get good job. By the time we finished working our a$$ off, we are already at 60 years old. You might be thinking, OK IT IS TIME TO RELAX.....oooooohhhh NO!!! you have other problems to settle. You need to support your children's education.

Man...... cant we just get a simple life, enjoying a wonderful weekend beside the seaside with a cocktail drink. How come we struggle so hard ? Life is really tough, from getting good grades to career path, it is really tiring.

hahahha... I might be complaining a lot but i do still feel there are so much to go on and on and on..... on...and on....

If you have are still confuse of what the hack i am trying to convey, maybe you should try out this game instead. Lets heard the hardship of life with this video game