Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man very nice ..... 5 Thumbs up!!!!

My goodness!!!! this is a cool movie, i sneak out of my house and book myself a ticket at 12.15am to watch the Iron Man. This is definitely one of the coolest movie ever. The effects are great and action are pretty fast. If you love Spiderman this movie is definitely a must to watch.

I spend a total of RM 9.00 per ticket with super jumbo pop corn RM 8.50. Imagine how cool could it be to be Iron Man.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) : Robert Downey Jr
Pepper Potts : Gwyneth Paltrow
Chritine Everhart (Super Hot Chick): Leslie Biff

Lielie Biff is one hot and sizzling chick. You ought to see her man... when she wakes up from the bed... sexy ... sizzling...yum yum. Nothing great about Robert .... it is all about the Iron Man and Leslie Biff...............enjoy 5 thumbs up