Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heart Break ~~~ A letter to Small Girl

To Small Girl,
In life there are times when emotiotnal takes over our head. The one that you love and care so much left me which makes a bug gap ini my heart. I ponder over the sweet memories and do wish to heal fast. I kind of love this person full heartedly giving my soul to her. Maybe love is not just enough.... there is more than love when comes to relationship. I do wish that she is okay and we can continue to be friends. I do hope we can still keep in touch and life goes on for both of us...
... hmmm sometimes i feel it would be really nice if she could come back to me. Come back and find me and stay with me. I might be selfish but all because i find that i wan to care for her very much more. Small girl, i hope you are ok ... and take care of yourself.... if you need help...just come and ask... we still friends.... i really hope if you ever find someone ... find the person who loves you much more than i do, treat you better more than i do and care you much more than i do.
With Love