Saturday, May 10, 2008

End of Tower Defense -- Lets crown King of Tower Defense

Although it sounds insane, Malaysian is still the best when comes to playing games. It is an insane world where battle between the AI and human intelligent. First would like to congrats Yusof Ismail for being so commited in the Tower Defense game the total score was really unbelievable as our champion battle through the first place with the score of 214 784 points. This is really King of Tower Defense.

Personally i am proud that Yusof Ismail is able to fight its way to the top score and I am proud that he managed it with the heart of a hero. From the observation, there is no cheating and he deserve to be named Champion.

Some of the words by Yusof " work hard to come out with a score like this. very damn tiring playing this game. almost spent 4 hours for this game. great!" .... words from a hero...

I have personally send an email to Yusof Ismail and i am still waiting for his reply. I am not sure whether this guy is from, or but I will post his nick as soon as he replied my mail.

For the rest of you guys, dont give up hope as will still organise more tournaments where you can win small prizes. Who said you cant earn while playing online games? I do hope you guys will always support