Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Current Update on Tower Defense

Her is the result for all the insane fans of Tower Defense. If you are still wondering what is tower defense all about, please read the past posts.As for now I have some information for the current updates on Tower Defense. As per now the placing

1. foohoa (lelong) 14020 points
2. linchiek (lelong) 9191 points

Looks like Lelong guys lead the pack now and foohoa is leading with large gap behind linchiek. Keep on playing guys... i am hoping to see more action for both of them as well as others. The winner for this competition with the highest points will be awarded with RM 50 cold cash.

My goodness how did you guys manage to climb up inch by inch. It is amazing how much a gamer can contribute by beating the AI of the game. I am very impress though from this small experiment. I just gamble the RM 50 because i never believe anyone could actually broke the record. To my surprise i seen alot of improvement in the game played by foohoa and linchiek. I am sure they spend most of their time cranking new strategy to beat each other scores.

To tell you the truth, my score is just 1700++ and i cant barely get over 17500. It is really impressive both of the player made it through this far.