Sunday, May 11, 2008

Battle of Two Goliath: MAS and Air Asia

Few weeks ago MAS declared to giveaway Zero Fares ticket for a million seats to encourage Malaysian to travel, the new aviation marketing concept has sparked Air Asia to follow up with MAS by introducing Sub Zero plan. The healthy competition between MAS and Air Asia is giving the most to the customers. I have been into MAS and Air Asia 3-4 times. MAS was extremely comfortable as the seats is bigger and spacious. However the price for MAS is relatively much more expansive compared to Air Asia.

Personally, i don't think there is any way we could compare between MAS and Air Asia since both of them are offering two different packages to the consumer. MAS is like staying in 5 Star hotel and we know that ... most of the Malaysian know that and definitely there is a price to pay for a 5 Star treatment. Air Asia in the other hand is more suitable for economy flights, the seats are small and it is so hard to move or what we called "sardine can"

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