Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go and Marry No.4

This is one of the best article i come across in our local newspaper. An odd job worker Mohammed Nor Awang is going to marry the No. 4 after receive bless of his other wives. This old man is 51 years old earn an income of RM 1500/mont. Currently he has 18 children and still managed support the family. I really cant imagine what is his secret but he is a real MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is not easy balancing your love between 4 wives but he managed to convinced all his wives to grant him the final wive.

Pleople used to say that children is actually an investment.... by having more children, you will secure your future when you are old. So if you have more children, this means that you will have a better lifestyle when all your children contribute back to the parents
Imagine you have 20 children and each of them return RM 200 monthy , mathematicall you will earn RM 2400 a month.. Isnt that great ???? love it man....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heart Break ~~~ A letter to Small Girl

To Small Girl,
In life there are times when emotiotnal takes over our head. The one that you love and care so much left me which makes a bug gap ini my heart. I ponder over the sweet memories and do wish to heal fast. I kind of love this person full heartedly giving my soul to her. Maybe love is not just enough.... there is more than love when comes to relationship. I do wish that she is okay and we can continue to be friends. I do hope we can still keep in touch and life goes on for both of us...
... hmmm sometimes i feel it would be really nice if she could come back to me. Come back and find me and stay with me. I might be selfish but all because i find that i wan to care for her very much more. Small girl, i hope you are ok ... and take care of yourself.... if you need help...just come and ask... we still friends.... i really hope if you ever find someone ... find the person who loves you much more than i do, treat you better more than i do and care you much more than i do.
With Love

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Battle of Two Goliath: MAS and Air Asia

Few weeks ago MAS declared to giveaway Zero Fares ticket for a million seats to encourage Malaysian to travel, the new aviation marketing concept has sparked Air Asia to follow up with MAS by introducing Sub Zero plan. The healthy competition between MAS and Air Asia is giving the most to the customers. I have been into MAS and Air Asia 3-4 times. MAS was extremely comfortable as the seats is bigger and spacious. However the price for MAS is relatively much more expansive compared to Air Asia.

Personally, i don't think there is any way we could compare between MAS and Air Asia since both of them are offering two different packages to the consumer. MAS is like staying in 5 Star hotel and we know that ... most of the Malaysian know that and definitely there is a price to pay for a 5 Star treatment. Air Asia in the other hand is more suitable for economy flights, the seats are small and it is so hard to move or what we called "sardine can"

Air Asia Gold Cost Special for Mother's Day

MAS Packages Sydney Special

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Searh for A Star" ~~~ Net Competition has been really active in promoting new born star. Due to large video collection from the internet, it is getting really tough spotting real star within the youtube directory. The number of video posting from various singers are starting to make huge impact to the music industry, This competition is meant to search for new born star within youtube. The competition will be like "treasure hunt or star search" whereby you need to find the star within haystack of video collection in youtube.

How to win the Cash
1) Winner of the competition will be the person who managed to find video where it has the
higest views.
2) The total views must be at minimum of 2500 views
3) Please include the URL of the video and send to
4) Same video/same songs with different URL is still valid for competition.
5) Winner will be awarded with RM 50
6) Competition ends at 30th May 2008
7) Only forum member from Malaysians are allowed to participate
8) Send the URL for the video information to

keep checking respective forums or for latest information.

End of Tower Defense -- Lets crown King of Tower Defense

Although it sounds insane, Malaysian is still the best when comes to playing games. It is an insane world where battle between the AI and human intelligent. First would like to congrats Yusof Ismail for being so commited in the Tower Defense game the total score was really unbelievable as our champion battle through the first place with the score of 214 784 points. This is really King of Tower Defense.

Personally i am proud that Yusof Ismail is able to fight its way to the top score and I am proud that he managed it with the heart of a hero. From the observation, there is no cheating and he deserve to be named Champion.

Some of the words by Yusof " work hard to come out with a score like this. very damn tiring playing this game. almost spent 4 hours for this game. great!" .... words from a hero...

I have personally send an email to Yusof Ismail and i am still waiting for his reply. I am not sure whether this guy is from, or but I will post his nick as soon as he replied my mail.

For the rest of you guys, dont give up hope as will still organise more tournaments where you can win small prizes. Who said you cant earn while playing online games? I do hope you guys will always support

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Smart Monkey - Super talented

This is what we called super talented. looking at the monkey reminds me of Mat Rempit. Penang used to be infestted by Mat Rempit and today the activity is getitng less. Most of the Mat Rempit hang out at around 12-4am which makes a lot of workaholic being fearful when returning home from work. The was once, i went to the cybercafe and came home at 3.30am, while on the way home , i was stunned to see tons of ppl gathering near the traffic light at Tanjong Bunga watching illegal racers. While awaiting at the traffic lights, saw few motorbikes front and side of my car waiting for th red light to turn gree. As soon as the lights flips it color, the Mat Rempit sped off and showing they cool stun by lifting up the bike to impress the crowd. Was very scared that time.

hmmmmm...if my memory serve me correct, i think i saw once a Mat Rempit push and kick the policeman road block. No one was injured.... Thanks

Raw talent... spotted "I am Yours"

Came across this this strong and nice voice. Maybe you should listen to her because she is quite good in her singing.... take time to judge her singing. Tell me what you think in the comments !!! You guys better love her because she is damn good.

Some background information:
Name: Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco
Age: 14
Origin: Cabuyao, Laguna, Phillippines
Genres: Pop, R&B & Soul
Occupation: Singer

Siti Fatimah a declaration that she was no longer a Muslim

..... Finally Siti Fatimah is no longer a muslim. Siti Fatimah converted into islam in July 1998 for the sake of marriage. Her real name is Tan Ean Huang. According to the news from thestar, this girl did not anyhow practice islamic teaching and prayed to dieties. The funny thing was, she did mention that she is praying to Kuan Yin and Thi Kong which really makes me puzzle. The girl even went to temples and ate pork... hahahah...daring girl...

Religion is base on believe and faith, Siti Fatimah was not even a believer in the first place. Sometimes is hard to critics who is right and wrong unless you are in her shoes. In the case of Siti Fatimah, the court rule that Siti can renounce her religion since she was not even practicing the islamic teaching. This is the first time someone could renounce islam in Malaysia.

I still wonder why they called her "murtad"? kind of hurting when thinking about it because it is as if she made a very nasty and wrong thing renouncing her religion.

Whose fault was behind Siti Fatimah failed to embrace islam wholly?
I guess the fault lies in Siti herself because she converted for a wrong reason. Anyway Love is blind.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wikipedia is a Debate for ripping off Writers

Wikipedia finally announce to soon made profit from the voluntaraily written and edited online encyclopedia website. This is going to be the first time a BIG PUBLISHER made plans to sell articles from voluntarily written and editted articles.
German Publisher Bertelsmann announce plans to publish the first book (print edition of wikipedia) "The One Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia".The book will go on sale this coming September for 19.95 euros. Apparently it is legal for publication company to print the material on the site since it is free as long as you cite wikipedia as the source. In addition, the German publication company will be paying one euro for ever copy sold. The question now is what about the writters? Are they going to get paid for their time and effort? It is not easy to come out with intelligent materials and if the authors whold know this would happen, we are pretty sure that they would not be participating in writing for wikipedia.
Although the law never states that it is illegal to published print materials on wikipedia, lets face the fact that the authors and editors are being rip off BIG TIME....
All those craps about giving and harnessing the knowlege and abusing authors and editors trusts really sucks. I hope everyone would protest using mi

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Current Update on Tower Defense

Her is the result for all the insane fans of Tower Defense. If you are still wondering what is tower defense all about, please read the past posts.As for now I have some information for the current updates on Tower Defense. As per now the placing

1. foohoa (lelong) 14020 points
2. linchiek (lelong) 9191 points

Looks like Lelong guys lead the pack now and foohoa is leading with large gap behind linchiek. Keep on playing guys... i am hoping to see more action for both of them as well as others. The winner for this competition with the highest points will be awarded with RM 50 cold cash.

My goodness how did you guys manage to climb up inch by inch. It is amazing how much a gamer can contribute by beating the AI of the game. I am very impress though from this small experiment. I just gamble the RM 50 because i never believe anyone could actually broke the record. To my surprise i seen alot of improvement in the game played by foohoa and linchiek. I am sure they spend most of their time cranking new strategy to beat each other scores.

To tell you the truth, my score is just 1700++ and i cant barely get over 17500. It is really impressive both of the player made it through this far.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Selling Genting for extra $$$

I purchased Genting for RM 6.40 and sold it at the loss of RM 6.35, all because i am in hurry to use the cash. Genting is an interesting counter offering good growth in the revenue and profits. Anyway... i did a mistake purchasing Genting at wrong timing. Should have purchased counters like PBBANK , DIGI, LPI and DLADY which offers higher dividend yield. During economy uncertainty the growth stocks are heavily bash and most of the counters in the market takes time to regain its momentum. It is wiser to keep value counter because at worst condition, even without capital appreciation, investors still get the dividend.

Some of the Fundamental Analyst believe that keeping a good counter and hoping for capital appreciation is one of the way to make big bucks. Personally i DOUBT IT!!!!. Imagine you purchase one counter with good growth, good income statement and beautiful cash flow hoping it to appreciate within a few years but the price is not moving... are you going to keep the share base on your FA valuation ? The answer to this question is "Yes" and "No"

When do we keep and when do we not keep? It all depending on the you ... If you are a Growth investor it is probably the time to throw because your valuation of the company is base on capital appreciation. During market uncertainty, don't expect miracle to happen and everything just get corrected immediately. Normally Growth investors make big bucks during the bull period. But if you are a value investor... YES it is time to keep for further cash flow as long as the company pays its dividend. It is all about valuation and to determine whether you are looking into growth or cash flow.

Growth Investor
You will be looking at capital appreciation. Most of the time they go for high beta share with good fundamental intact. When the market rises, this counter will be galloping like mad. Dividend is not so important since the earning is repatriated to the capital expenses to further grow the company.

Value Investor
I would have to say, this would be the safest but the slowest to achieve good returns. The investor is looking at the dividend paid which is normally more than the value given by bonds.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad Replied to The Appointment of Judges

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: The Appointment of Judges

I have seen the blog by Dr Mahathir Currently not even a single replied by Tun.

Do you think Tun will reply to most of our thread? Looks like our ex prime minister is pretty busy with his daily stuff....

I am seriously wondering... when will Tun replys to most of the thread... at least say something or else the thread is going to be a useless thread....

I am kind of disappointed with the slow reply... if Tun is not being able to reply...what is the point of opening a blog then???

Each time when i look at the comments, i am seriously waiting for some answers or some point of view.

Guys ... throw more questions to our Tun......... more questions so that we can harvest his great mind to build better Malaysia.

Anyway i doubt Tun will reply ..... too busy to attend his daily chores...... this is really disappointing.......

Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man very nice ..... 5 Thumbs up!!!!

My goodness!!!! this is a cool movie, i sneak out of my house and book myself a ticket at 12.15am to watch the Iron Man. This is definitely one of the coolest movie ever. The effects are great and action are pretty fast. If you love Spiderman this movie is definitely a must to watch.

I spend a total of RM 9.00 per ticket with super jumbo pop corn RM 8.50. Imagine how cool could it be to be Iron Man.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) : Robert Downey Jr
Pepper Potts : Gwyneth Paltrow
Chritine Everhart (Super Hot Chick): Leslie Biff

Lielie Biff is one hot and sizzling chick. You ought to see her man... when she wakes up from the bed... sexy ... sizzling...yum yum. Nothing great about Robert .... it is all about the Iron Man and Leslie Biff...............enjoy 5 thumbs up

Bursa ..... honey I shrunk the kids

Bursa was really badly beaten after reaching the high peak at RM 16.00 ++. Today 2 May 2008 at 5.58pm Bursa is trading at RM8.95 one of the biggest down in for overall KLCI index. This blue chip counter shed almost 45% since the the day when US declared the credit squeeze. The impact was even greater after political turmoil as the Opposition won huge by capturing 5 states in Peninsular Malaysia. Bursa used to be a favourite security as the company gives good returns in terms of dividend yield and capital appreciation.
Shrinking Earning

The shrinking earning in Bursa Malaysia Berhad has led to major concern among its major shareholder. I thought of purchasing the share when it is around RM 9.00. Since the local KLSE is traded quite low comparatively to previous year, i am alittle skeptical whether Bursa will still be able to sustain its growth and the dividend payout. If you look at the EPS history

DEC 2007 3 Quarter (10.7 cents)
APRIL 2008 4 Quarter (9.50 cents)
APRIL 2008 1 Quarter (8 cents) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<.......Now
Recall from the previous 1st quarter in 2007 Bursa EPS was 13.5cents, now drop to 8 cents which is 40.7%. Scince this is a growth counter the value of price drop by 45% can have the same co-relationship with the sharp drop of EPS which is by 40%.

Positive Point
Dividen: RM 0.85 <<<..... Base on the Div/P it is estimated about 9%++ as for the price today. I am seriously thinking of buying the counter since they paid so much

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life as Tower Defense

Have you heard of Tower Defense. It is a game where you need to protect your base from being attack by creatures spawning from the main source. In some part of my life, i felt there is a similarity between practical life to Tower Defense. From the first day we learn to say "mama ....dada" till we graduated and start working, life is a constant struggle. We hardly have time for ourselves. The scenario of life revolves around hardship and intelligence. We study hard to get good grades and we work too hard to get good job. By the time we finished working our a$$ off, we are already at 60 years old. You might be thinking, OK IT IS TIME TO RELAX.....oooooohhhh NO!!! you have other problems to settle. You need to support your children's education.

Man...... cant we just get a simple life, enjoying a wonderful weekend beside the seaside with a cocktail drink. How come we struggle so hard ? Life is really tough, from getting good grades to career path, it is really tiring.

hahahha... I might be complaining a lot but i do still feel there are so much to go on and on and on..... on...and on....

If you have are still confuse of what the hack i am trying to convey, maybe you should try out this game instead. Lets heard the hardship of life with this video game