Friday, April 18, 2008

Smitfraud Virus invading ... Fix it hardcore

Gosh Another Virus in my computer. Ok this is one of the latest Trojan virus. I was infected by on of this deadly dude after installing some of the Codec component. I cant really recall what is the .exe extension. It goes something like MediaCodec.exe

After pressing yes for installation...BANG boom.... all the sudden you will see tons of pop ups. and the worst part is the desktop was suddenly invaded by the "Your Privacy is in Danger". Dont even bother to do anything because your processor power now is so slow that you cant eve do much of the stuff. I took the initiative to capture the image below ...hahah just to post a blog on this blogspot.

What is this virus/ trojan actually ? It is a Smitfraud virus.

What i did was
a) Downloaded the Malwarebytes
b) Downloaded HijackThis
c) Smitfraudfix.exe
d) AVG Spyware (Dont confuse with AVG Antivirus)

Looks like did most of the stuff and it is fine now.