Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Penanag Bridge Postphoned

It has been really many years the people in Penang raising voices for the Federal government to build new bridge for its people. The current bridge is at the maximum capacity, we penangites really need a new bridge soon.

It was a real disappointement when the federal governement would delay the constructio of new bridge. The 24 km bridge from the peninsular malaysia to the industrial hub of penang island is being postphone due to

a) High cost (The price of steel is too expansive)
b) Land acquisition (Allocation of new land to build bridges)
c) Design (I believe this is more to the physical layout of the soil and the design of the bridge)

Cost of Project: RM 3.5 billion

Looks like it wont be implemented any soon withing the few years due to cost of the materials. What a disappointment from the government. Travelling to work from Seberang Jaya to Bayan Lepas will take approximate 45 minutes every day. The traffic jam was so bad and it is all due to the bottlenect effect. Cars are not moving...more to creeping . At worst, if the is an accident just prepared to get stuck in the jam for couple of hours.

Some industry officials have feared the government might curtail development projects in five states — including Penang — that Abdullah's ruling coalition lost to the opposition in last month's elections.