Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gloomy KLSE depressing movement

Much has been discuss about the KLSE and due to recent general election, looks like KLSE is performing sideways for the past few weeks. It is really depressing to see our Malaysian stocks being bash up to 30% loss. Blue chips such as Bursa, Tanjong, Genting and Tenaga have been heavily beaten to an interesting cheap sale. Sorry... FIRESALE....

it is definitely a good time to buy some stocks to keep for long term investment. i am sure blue chips are definitely at an interesting bargain. I am very optimistic that the KLSE would be recovering pretty soon maybe after our UMNO election.

Did some comparison between Dow Jones and KLSE. From the graph.... It looks like we are following the trend of Dow Jones...

The red line is the trend for Dow Jones while the blue line is the KLSE. Looks like we are at the same par with Dow Jones.

Lets us look at our Ringgit against USD to get a better picture of our appreciation. The Dollar has been depreciating each month from RM 3.39 to RM 3.14.

Wanted to buy this counter since it is at its low now. The company gives good dividend each year but the performance of the company is closely related to the dollar USD appreciation. I am really considering it though since it is quite cheap at its level. I used to bought this counter when it was RM 3.00 but sold off as soon at it reaches RM 3.30. Today the counter is at RM 2.30. Base on the dividend derivation it is a good counter for my portfolio. I am still looking at the USD appreciation as my barometer. Cant be too emotional since UCHITEC appreciate from RM 1.80 to RM 2.30 within a month.