Sunday, April 20, 2008

Genting hmmm... another Firesale again

Genting Highlands .... I bought this piece of share at RM 6.40. This counter has been hovering at between RM 6.40 - RM 6.70 for the past one month. Not to worry, i am quite positive that the counter will have upbound very soon. Genting is one of my favorite counter since it deals with casino not just in Malaysia but in Singapore and Britain too.

ROE for 2007 is at 28.11% which is fairly good for a Genting Highlands. Comparing to the previous year 2006, the ROE for the year 2007 shows a much more solid ROE which is drive by assets.

Income Statements

Cash flow Statements
Some of the recent buyback information which can trigger investors' interest. Genting is buying back the share at RM6.70. They have very healthy income statement and cashflow activities too.