Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling snoozy and sleepy

Itis a bad Wednesday. Been a while since i got sick. After taking MC for a day on Monday, i started to feel better. However, today i am not feeling well again. Must be the coffee i drank at OLD Town yesterday. hmmmmm Nanyang Memorably is really making my head spin... headache and slight feverish. Why am i killing myself with caffein?

I came in work a little late 8:35am, 5 minutes late and my mood swing again. With my heavy head spinning, working is almost impossible. I dont want to work today... gosh i should have applied another MC and stayed at home. Should have slept whole day and get well before working.

Working in Escatec has been really a great challenged. I dont have a boss , practically my boss is in Hong Kong. He wont understand me since i my presence in Malaysia is just a representatives.

Ok... i think that is all my babble will go. I gotta work now.