Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Engineers of Poor Quality

Came across the news this morning from the It may not be surprising as most of the graduates are not well equip with the necessary knowlege before graduating. Most of the university concentrates too much on theoritical rather than practical. No Wonder the graduates are low in standards.

Dont blame the graduates if the whole educational system screw up. Look at our University ranking...... it is dropping and a real disgrace. Take an example Malayan University dropping from the world ranking.... embarassed. The government should have known about this years ago but nothing has been done to keep our higher education standards in par with overseas university.

PLEASE READ THIS.... really an interesting article

"I AM a manager in a chemical manufacturing firm in Malaysia. We often have vacancies for mechanical and chemical engineers, and occasionally electrical engineers. We do take in fresh graduates to train and develop for the future of our company.

In recent years, I have noticed a marked reduction in the quality of the engineering graduates. I would like to suggest that our local universities work with professional bodies such as Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) to address the weaknesses.

Some of the courses should be tailored to suit industrial requirements. BEM and IEM would be in the right position to work with the many universities we have here. Alternatively, they could come up with modules to be included in the engineering curriculum at our local universities."