Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It is Wednesday, my heart bitter when i heard that i have screwed up one of my projects. Yeap it is not my concern since i am not paying for the loss but deep in my pains because Freescale is a good company and i felt like failing my colleague, my boss, my customer and MYSELF. Why am i being careless? 'careless' should not even be in my dictionary at all. I have no oneto blame but myself for being careless.
Looking at the share market is killing my emotion too. Looks like we have a trend in KLSE... which is ONE DAY UP FOUR DAYS DOWN!!! Look at Tanjong, this baby went as high as RM 16.50 on Monday but drop to RM 16.00 again. I guess our Taukeh A.Krishnan must be tired looking at the poor performance of KLSE. We are not even following the trend of Dow Jones due to political struggle.

Maybe today i will watch BEE MOVIE again since it might just cheer me up did cheer me up yesterday and i am so delighted by the funny ascent of Jerry Sinefield and his jokes.

lets talk a bout job...
Do you guys feel it is getting really hard finding jobs today?It is like everyone is struggling to get a descent job. Those advertise on jobstreet are not view by employers. They dont even bother to look at my resume. I have '0' view, can you believe me????? What is the point of jobstreet when it only benefits the employeee... I still think snail mail would be a better choice of applying a job. At least your cover letter may give good impression to the interviewer even before reading your resume. I guess technology is killing everyone silently.