Monday, April 21, 2008

Commodities Futures

These are the information obtain from bloomberg. Looks like th price of the commodity surge since July 2007. The question is the peek going to end. If the US recession takes place this year due to credit squeeze why are we not seeing the drop on the demand of the commodities. This is very ironic as global recession will trigger drop of commodity prices. Some analyst said that US will be facing recession soon but looking at the historical chart, the global economy is doing fine over here. The prices of gold is also well controlled which shows that there are some analysts still skeptical of US recession. My indication of recession will come in when the prices of gold increase continue with the drop in the crude oil and commodity prices. At the same time if US economy is really going for recession , we will also be looking at the fall of Dow Jones and Nasdaq along with the rise of employment index in the US.

Some of the commodities obtain 22 April 2008 1.30am Malaysian Time