Sunday, April 27, 2008

10.30 Starbucks... with my brother

It is Sunday, i am writing this article in Starbucks cafe... not having coffee but simple orange juice RM 9.00. It is a wonderful Sunday as i strive to complete some of my projects here in this delightful cafe. My brother is just beside me browsing the magazine spending endless time in the high class cafe. It was indeed fun mingling with the rich and famous... classy. Who never loves Starbucks, to me the smell of coffee is soothing and enjoying a day in Starbucks is kind of cool. My brother is enjoying it as well as I am over here.

Reading the frontpage of TheStar newspaper, another Mega project setback in Penang. Looks like the government is not really serious to develop Penang after loosing shamfully to DAP. No development to Penang as punishment to the rakyat of Penang. What a disappointment... first it was the bridge and now it is the monorail. Still remember before election the people were promised with many super projects... Norther Corridor, Southern Corridor, Eastern Corridor, West Corridor, Second Bridge, Monorail for Penang and KL Singapore Bullet train and etc..... Now look !!!!! no more...... all the projects are big upset to the people.

I am starting to wonder... are huge projects promises meant to win the the rakyat heart to vote for BN ????? After election.... another story... from Mega Corridor projects to NO Corridor Projects.