Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It is Wednesday, my heart bitter when i heard that i have screwed up one of my projects. Yeap it is not my concern since i am not paying for the loss but deep in my pains because Freescale is a good company and i felt like failing my colleague, my boss, my customer and MYSELF. Why am i being careless? 'careless' should not even be in my dictionary at all. I have no oneto blame but myself for being careless.
Looking at the share market is killing my emotion too. Looks like we have a trend in KLSE... which is ONE DAY UP FOUR DAYS DOWN!!! Look at Tanjong, this baby went as high as RM 16.50 on Monday but drop to RM 16.00 again. I guess our Taukeh A.Krishnan must be tired looking at the poor performance of KLSE. We are not even following the trend of Dow Jones due to political struggle.

Maybe today i will watch BEE MOVIE again since it might just cheer me up did cheer me up yesterday and i am so delighted by the funny ascent of Jerry Sinefield and his jokes.

lets talk a bout job...
Do you guys feel it is getting really hard finding jobs today?It is like everyone is struggling to get a descent job. Those advertise on jobstreet are not view by employers. They dont even bother to look at my resume. I have '0' view, can you believe me????? What is the point of jobstreet when it only benefits the employeee... I still think snail mail would be a better choice of applying a job. At least your cover letter may give good impression to the interviewer even before reading your resume. I guess technology is killing everyone silently.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bee The Movie

I have to confess i love this new movie BEE MOVIE. I have been really late watching this movie, if not mistaken it was screen somewhere last year but i just manage to squeeze in my time to watch this wonderful cartoons. Cool though. A great movie to release stress. The movie revolves around a bee who sought for life outside his hive. You gotta watch this movie and it worth every dollar you spend on this movie....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Digi Big and Value

Digi has been performing fairly well compared to other telco companies in Malaysia. The company started to show is true strength when the company continues to deliver continuous dividend to the shareholders. This was the best year for all Digi shareholders as Digi is paying back hefty dividend RM 2.28. At this rate the div payout is around 9.4% ++ which is fairly a good deal to many investors.

Some of the key Ratio in determining a good stock

ROE 2005 (24%) , ROE 2006 (40.28%) , ROE 2007 (63.82%)

The company protrays some of the key UP signal but lets look at the liability especially the liquid liability to identify whther the current ROE is gear from Assets or Liability perspective. Current liability only increase by 5% while longterm liability decrease by 33% showing good financial health in the company. One of the key driver for high ROE is due to the huge sales which contributed to increase of 19% from the year 2006 till 2007. The revenue soared also drive Digi Net profit up by 31% from year 2006-2007 to a new high of RM 1,062,595,000 peranum. Interesting figure.

I would place this DIGI as a value share to invest as the company is really cash cow. The company is really cash cow since the company conquer most of the foreign market especially the indonesia and phillipines population by offering the lowest rates in Malaysia.

Financially the compan is doing well for the past 4 quarters

Sunday, April 27, 2008

10.30 Starbucks... with my brother

It is Sunday, i am writing this article in Starbucks cafe... not having coffee but simple orange juice RM 9.00. It is a wonderful Sunday as i strive to complete some of my projects here in this delightful cafe. My brother is just beside me browsing the magazine spending endless time in the high class cafe. It was indeed fun mingling with the rich and famous... classy. Who never loves Starbucks, to me the smell of coffee is soothing and enjoying a day in Starbucks is kind of cool. My brother is enjoying it as well as I am over here.

Reading the frontpage of TheStar newspaper, another Mega project setback in Penang. Looks like the government is not really serious to develop Penang after loosing shamfully to DAP. No development to Penang as punishment to the rakyat of Penang. What a disappointment... first it was the bridge and now it is the monorail. Still remember before election the people were promised with many super projects... Norther Corridor, Southern Corridor, Eastern Corridor, West Corridor, Second Bridge, Monorail for Penang and KL Singapore Bullet train and etc..... Now look !!!!! no more...... all the projects are big upset to the people.

I am starting to wonder... are huge projects promises meant to win the the rakyat heart to vote for BN ????? After election.... another story... from Mega Corridor projects to NO Corridor Projects.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nestle Higher Q1 Profits

Nestle Bhd profit jump by 35% to RM 94.3 mil in the first Q1. The significant jump in revenue 9.9% and EPS reach 40.23 sen compared to 29.78 sen a year earlier. Nestle

Dividen of 61.19 sen per share
Ex Date: 12/05/08

Sustainability and Risk:
Nestle expected 2008 net profit will soften due to high input cost
The forecast cost is expected to increase of the input cost from 30-40% all will contribute to the cost of sales.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penang Bridge Delayed, KL Singapore Train Derailed

My goodness ..... another project canceled by the government???? I really cant believe that they are not going for the New Penang Bridge and the KL Singapore bullet train projects. What is really wrong with Malaysia's fed government??? Delaying the new Penang Bridge is bad enough... why the KL Singapore Project? This project bring much benefit to the Malaysia especially in fuel subsidy in long run!!!!....

Please read at

New Penanag Bridge Postphoned

It has been really many years the people in Penang raising voices for the Federal government to build new bridge for its people. The current bridge is at the maximum capacity, we penangites really need a new bridge soon.

It was a real disappointement when the federal governement would delay the constructio of new bridge. The 24 km bridge from the peninsular malaysia to the industrial hub of penang island is being postphone due to

a) High cost (The price of steel is too expansive)
b) Land acquisition (Allocation of new land to build bridges)
c) Design (I believe this is more to the physical layout of the soil and the design of the bridge)

Cost of Project: RM 3.5 billion

Looks like it wont be implemented any soon withing the few years due to cost of the materials. What a disappointment from the government. Travelling to work from Seberang Jaya to Bayan Lepas will take approximate 45 minutes every day. The traffic jam was so bad and it is all due to the bottlenect effect. Cars are not moving...more to creeping . At worst, if the is an accident just prepared to get stuck in the jam for couple of hours.

Some industry officials have feared the government might curtail development projects in five states — including Penang — that Abdullah's ruling coalition lost to the opposition in last month's elections.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Commodities Futures

These are the information obtain from bloomberg. Looks like th price of the commodity surge since July 2007. The question is the peek going to end. If the US recession takes place this year due to credit squeeze why are we not seeing the drop on the demand of the commodities. This is very ironic as global recession will trigger drop of commodity prices. Some analyst said that US will be facing recession soon but looking at the historical chart, the global economy is doing fine over here. The prices of gold is also well controlled which shows that there are some analysts still skeptical of US recession. My indication of recession will come in when the prices of gold increase continue with the drop in the crude oil and commodity prices. At the same time if US economy is really going for recession , we will also be looking at the fall of Dow Jones and Nasdaq along with the rise of employment index in the US.

Some of the commodities obtain 22 April 2008 1.30am Malaysian Time

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Critics Dr. M on Najib

Wow .... today i am surprise to read this article from Dr. M critics the credentials of Najib to be Prime Minster. All this while... Dr. M was all time against our current Prime Minster Abdullah Badawi and now has turn his target to Datuk Sri Najib. Hmmm.... i am really wondering what is all this.... Cant he just let the upcoming prime minister to prove their capability. There are so much to complete in this country and the economy is draining because of politics. It is time to rebuild man.... I am so tired of this actually.
Dr. M claim that Datuk Sri Najib was not brave enough to speak up the reason behind Barisan Nasional's losses in general election.
Taken from the Star
MANCHESTER: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he had second thoughts about Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becoming Prime Minister as Najib had failed to speak up about the real reasons behind Barisan Nasional’s losses in the general election.
The former prime minister claimed that Najib was not “brave enough” to directly say anything that was not liked by his boss.

Genting hmmm... another Firesale again

Genting Highlands .... I bought this piece of share at RM 6.40. This counter has been hovering at between RM 6.40 - RM 6.70 for the past one month. Not to worry, i am quite positive that the counter will have upbound very soon. Genting is one of my favorite counter since it deals with casino not just in Malaysia but in Singapore and Britain too.

ROE for 2007 is at 28.11% which is fairly good for a Genting Highlands. Comparing to the previous year 2006, the ROE for the year 2007 shows a much more solid ROE which is drive by assets.

Income Statements

Cash flow Statements
Some of the recent buyback information which can trigger investors' interest. Genting is buying back the share at RM6.70. They have very healthy income statement and cashflow activities too.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Smitfraud Virus invading ... Fix it hardcore

Gosh Another Virus in my computer. Ok this is one of the latest Trojan virus. I was infected by on of this deadly dude after installing some of the Codec component. I cant really recall what is the .exe extension. It goes something like MediaCodec.exe

After pressing yes for installation...BANG boom.... all the sudden you will see tons of pop ups. and the worst part is the desktop was suddenly invaded by the "Your Privacy is in Danger". Dont even bother to do anything because your processor power now is so slow that you cant eve do much of the stuff. I took the initiative to capture the image below ...hahah just to post a blog on this blogspot.

What is this virus/ trojan actually ? It is a Smitfraud virus.

What i did was
a) Downloaded the Malwarebytes
b) Downloaded HijackThis
c) Smitfraudfix.exe
d) AVG Spyware (Dont confuse with AVG Antivirus)

Looks like did most of the stuff and it is fine now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gloomy KLSE depressing movement

Much has been discuss about the KLSE and due to recent general election, looks like KLSE is performing sideways for the past few weeks. It is really depressing to see our Malaysian stocks being bash up to 30% loss. Blue chips such as Bursa, Tanjong, Genting and Tenaga have been heavily beaten to an interesting cheap sale. Sorry... FIRESALE....

it is definitely a good time to buy some stocks to keep for long term investment. i am sure blue chips are definitely at an interesting bargain. I am very optimistic that the KLSE would be recovering pretty soon maybe after our UMNO election.

Did some comparison between Dow Jones and KLSE. From the graph.... It looks like we are following the trend of Dow Jones...

The red line is the trend for Dow Jones while the blue line is the KLSE. Looks like we are at the same par with Dow Jones.

Lets us look at our Ringgit against USD to get a better picture of our appreciation. The Dollar has been depreciating each month from RM 3.39 to RM 3.14.

Wanted to buy this counter since it is at its low now. The company gives good dividend each year but the performance of the company is closely related to the dollar USD appreciation. I am really considering it though since it is quite cheap at its level. I used to bought this counter when it was RM 3.00 but sold off as soon at it reaches RM 3.30. Today the counter is at RM 2.30. Base on the dividend derivation it is a good counter for my portfolio. I am still looking at the USD appreciation as my barometer. Cant be too emotional since UCHITEC appreciate from RM 1.80 to RM 2.30 within a month.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Engineers of Poor Quality

Came across the news this morning from the It may not be surprising as most of the graduates are not well equip with the necessary knowlege before graduating. Most of the university concentrates too much on theoritical rather than practical. No Wonder the graduates are low in standards.

Dont blame the graduates if the whole educational system screw up. Look at our University ranking...... it is dropping and a real disgrace. Take an example Malayan University dropping from the world ranking.... embarassed. The government should have known about this years ago but nothing has been done to keep our higher education standards in par with overseas university.

PLEASE READ THIS.... really an interesting article

"I AM a manager in a chemical manufacturing firm in Malaysia. We often have vacancies for mechanical and chemical engineers, and occasionally electrical engineers. We do take in fresh graduates to train and develop for the future of our company.

In recent years, I have noticed a marked reduction in the quality of the engineering graduates. I would like to suggest that our local universities work with professional bodies such as Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) to address the weaknesses.

Some of the courses should be tailored to suit industrial requirements. BEM and IEM would be in the right position to work with the many universities we have here. Alternatively, they could come up with modules to be included in the engineering curriculum at our local universities."

Key Dividend Counter

Screen through some of the counters which gives out dividend lately. Base on the information below(Taken By , it has been a real interesting year for Bursa, Tanjong and Maybulk.

16 April 2008 closing
Bursa RM 8.60
Tanjong RM 16.00
Maybulk RM 4.38

D/P are as below
Bursa 9.8%
Tanjong 5.6%
Maybulk 8.6%

Bursa looks attractive from the dividend perspective

Blogger's Template

Hi, i have been really looking at several blogspot's templates in google search engine. Hhahahah I am pretty obsessed to get back to blogging. Been looking for a perfect template which can truly potray my blogspot.

hmmm.... i needs a simple and dynamic templates both combine investment and my life. been really searching hard yet nothing really suits my theme.

Some interesting templates can be obtain from ..........................very good ......................... average good

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling snoozy and sleepy

Itis a bad Wednesday. Been a while since i got sick. After taking MC for a day on Monday, i started to feel better. However, today i am not feeling well again. Must be the coffee i drank at OLD Town yesterday. hmmmmm Nanyang Memorably is really making my head spin... headache and slight feverish. Why am i killing myself with caffein?

I came in work a little late 8:35am, 5 minutes late and my mood swing again. With my heavy head spinning, working is almost impossible. I dont want to work today... gosh i should have applied another MC and stayed at home. Should have slept whole day and get well before working.

Working in Escatec has been really a great challenged. I dont have a boss , practically my boss is in Hong Kong. He wont understand me since i my presence in Malaysia is just a representatives.

Ok... i think that is all my babble will go. I gotta work now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Tuition and Assignment

First Of all, welcome to the portal. What are the subjects we offered
  • Math
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Adults Learning
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