Monday, January 11, 2016

Bahasa Melayu Home Tuition

Welcome to our new teacher Cikgu Nadiah !!! Thanks for joining our team to guide students to excel in Bahasa Melayu. Cikgu Nadiah is a very experience tutor who conduct BM classes in Penang. She produces her own notes and teaching materials to help students to excel in Bahasa Melayu. Cikgu Nadiah have been teaching for nearly 6 years mentoring students in Penang

If you need Cikgu Nadiah's coaching dont forget to give us a call. 
Visit me at

How much is our rate ? RM 45/hour. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Intensive Tutor UPSR, PMR and SPM

Exam is around the corner, we are currently running intensive class for exam year students. Currently we have around 200 tutors who can help to provide 1 to 1 class to your child. Home Tutor is effective for weak and fast learner. As we move closer to exam, our tutor will be conducting drilling class using our forecast tips provided by


Home Tutor Kepong & Sri Hartamas

Dear Parents,
Currently we would like to inform you that we have additional UPSR and SPM Marker who are willing to be home tutors around your area. The name of the tutor will not be disclose and if you are interested to hire them as your home tutor, please give us a call .

What is the rate for the marker
  1. We calculate per hour basis RM 60/hr. Total for a month is RM 480
  2. Minimum 2 hours  
  3. Markers are Math, Physics
  4. 30% referral fees
 Education Consultant

Friday, November 14, 2014

Part Time Teacher Needed at My Imaginative Skool

Looking for Part Time School Teacher. Please call us at

My Imaginative Skool
Children Age: 4 - 6 years old
Subject: Mandarin / Simple Chinese

Location: Johor Bahru
Contact Number: 0167331744

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Best Home Tutor Malaysia

Edunovice offers the Best Home Tutor in Malaysia. We are currently the oldest home tutors in Malaysia offering one to one tutorial services. We will starting our class next year 2nd January 2015

Home Tutor Services
End Services October 2014
Start Services January 2015

Location our tutorial services are as listed below

  1. All regions in Melaka
  2. All regions in Penang
  3. All regions in Selangor
  4. Selected regions in Perak (Ipoh)
Our home tutor rates is at minimum RM 40/hr - RM 80/hr (Local Schools). As for International School Syllabus running IGCSE syllabus, our rates is RM 70 - RM 100/hr

Language Class (For Adults)
  1. Korean
  2. Japanese
  3. English
  4. Bahasa Melayu
  5. As for language class, you will need to enroll in our package. Call us for more informaiton

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Holiday Program Courses

The class will be conducted online. The short course is meant for local and international students. We hope you will benefit from this short course. For more information please visit 


4 Lessons on Monday 11.00am -12.00 noon
Date : 3/10/17/24 November 2014
Fees: RM 350.00

4 Lessons Every Monday from 11.00 am - 12noon
Date: 7 /14 /21/28 October 2014
Fees: RM 400.00
Please register fast. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Best Home Tutor Penang

Looking for Home Tutor In Penang? We promise to deliver the best home tutor to you with immediate improvements. Let Look at the students testimonial 2014. He managed to see an immediate improvement in the overall subjects.  If you are keen to see immediate improvement. Please call 012-4594388